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The Quilter’s Way

Do your family’s eyes glaze over when you start talking quilting?

Do you plan your vacations around quilt shop locations?

Do your friends wonder why you cut up fabric just to stitch it together again?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you need to join The Quilter’s Way.

In this private online membership, you’ll join other like-minded quilters from around the world, who all want the same thing – to quilt what they want, when they want and have a good time doing it. No obstacles, no negativity, just support, encouragement and fun. It’s like a quilting wonderland open 24/7 where quilting is the language and everyone speaks it.

I’m Kim Jamieson-Hirst, the creator of Chatterbox Quilts and host of The Quilter’s Way. 

Creating The Quilter’s Way was the result of a long quilting journey for me. Let me explain.

Once I started quilting, it became an addiction and I couldn’t wait to stitch in my studio, but, like other things in life, it had its ups and downs. There would be times when everything worked well and quilting was a dream and other times when I was frustrated and demotivated. I used to think that if I just learned the right techniques, everything would be perfect…but I eventually learned that this wasn’t the case. I realized that learning more techniques was not the secret to enjoying my quilting to its fullest.

I asked myself, “What would make me enjoy my quilting more?”.

Once I got past the list of all the fancy sewing machines I’d buy, the requirement for unlimited funds, and the need to manipulate time, I realised that there were 5 things that would make me enjoy my quilting more: 

  1. Being able to quilt the way I wanted, when I wanted, and at my own pace, without criticism or comparison to other quilters.
  2. Having the chance to improve my quilting skills without feeling pressured.
  3. Managing my personal and quilting time so I have time to quilt without feeling guilty about it.
  4. Having a comfortable, well-organized quilting space.
  5. Connecting with other quilters for encouragement and advice.

I found that I enjoyed quilting the most when I was quilting what I wanted, when and where I wanted and in the company of other supportive quilters.

I couldn’t find anything that combined all of these in one place so…

I created The Quilter’s Way.

Inside The Quilter’s Way membership, it’s all quilting, all the time. No ads, no trolls, no distractions.

The Quilter’s Way is a private online membership that combines community with learning. You might think that The Quilter’s Way is like a Facebook group, but it is not. Unlike a Facebook group, there are no distractions and no negativity in The Quilter’s Way. As admission into the Quilter’s Way is moderated, we’re able to control who’s allowed in: only positive, fun, committed quilters. No Debby Downers need apply!

As a member of The Quilter’s Way, you can enjoy chatting with other members without worrying about negative comments and know that every quilter there is as committed as you are to making progress in their quilting journey.

The community aspect of The Quilter’s Way is one of the things that members enjoy most. We have a group of helpful members, who love to share their ideas and knowledge with one another. It’s super easy to ask questions and get answers from the other members - and myself - and you might make a new quilting friend or two (quilting pen pals, as I call them). While this isn't a membership where you'll receive new patterns every month - although we do work on projects together - it is a membership where you can get help with your specific quilting issues and help other members with theirs. Every member in The Quilter's Way is, just like you, moving forward in their quilting journey. In this exclusive, private membership, you can feel safe in forming new friendships and having fun.

Did I mention that we have lots of fun in The Quilter’s Way? Well, we definitely do! Whether it’s working on projects together, sharing our finished quilts or talking together in a video chat, The Quilter’s Way is a fun place to be.

Okay, maybe it's not quite that much fun, but having fun with other members is part of The Quilter's Way, and, while it’s an important part (who doesn’t like to combine fun and quilting?!), there are other advantages of being a member: the courses and other quilting information.

There are so many different types of quilting content from full video courses and training to articles on specific topics. One of the big advantages of The Quilter’s Way is the fact that it is online, which allows you to access all of the information anytime from anywhere. You’ll be able to go through the information at your own pace, whenever you want. You can jump ahead in a course or go back and watch certain parts over again. Your choice! You don’t have to worry about keeping up with other students or that the content will disappear. When you join The Quilter's Way, all of the content is immediately available to you. As long as you are a member, you will have access to everything in The Quilter's Way.

The Quilter's Way can be accessed on your computer or any iOS or Android device - anywhere that you can connect to the internet. Quilting on the go!

Let me tell you the type of information you'll find in The Quilter’s Way.

Content in The Quilter's Way is organized into 4 areas, that are oh so important to get the most out of your quilting:

Mind – You’ll improve your quilting confidence so you’ll be ready to quilt when you enter your studio. You’ll learn ways to avoid distractions, both internal and external, that can interfere with your quilting.

Time – Okay, I know there’s never enough time to quilt (and we really will never be able to quilt 24/7), but you’ll learn different ways to carve out just enough time.

Studio – Without a well-organized and tidy studio, you’ll feel frustrated and you won’t be very productive. You’ll learn how to keep your studio ship shape so you’ll love quilting in it.

Skill – Whether you want to learn a new skill or improve one of your existing techniques, we’ve got you covered through full courses and mini-trainings.

You'll find lots of information in each of these 4 areas that will help you enjoy your quilting to the max, whether you are just learning to quilt or have been doing it for years. At The Quilter's Way, it's all about progress, not perfection, no matter your quilting level.

Here’s what some of our members have to say about The Quilter's Way:

"I am truly enjoying the Quilter's Way. I'm learning so much with the content you have provided. Thank you for all of your hard work putting everything together! I appreciate you!!!"

Susan Holstein

"Kim, oh I am really enjoying The Quilter’s Way. Especially the courses, but the engagement in the community is priceless. Thank you for all your amazing work. I have become a significantly better quilter with your help."

Rob Hunter Deuling

"Ok, I just completed a number of the courses and I have to say I’m impressed. I thought I knew quite a bit with my background, but every single video showed this old dog a new trick. Thank you! I do believe I am going to enjoy this group!"

Pam Mahowald

If you want to learn new skills, organize your quilt studio, and get your mind into the quilting game, The Quilter's Way is the place to be. You'll get help with your specific problems and meet other quilters who “get” you.

Think of it as an online quilt guild with all the education, support, and fun, but without the driving!

I want you to have the chance to experience what it’s like in The Quilter's Way, so I’ve created a free trial. The Quilter's Way might not be for everyone, but it just might be perfect for you. Try it risk-free (no $$$ involved*) and find out for yourself.

If you want to improve your quilting experience, make new friends from around the world, and have fun, you need to join The Quilter’s Way.

You’ll find your people, the ones who get you, the ones who could talk quilting all day and never get bored.

You’ll find your home at The Quilter’s Way.

Come join us. You’re going to love it!

Click the "Choose a Plan" button above to start your free trial in The Quilter's Way. 

*When you join The Quilter's Way on the free trial, you will be asked to enter a credit card number. You won’t be charged during your free trial, but this helps to avoid spammers. Thank you.

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